Dick Eiden for Congress 2012

Our democracy has been hijacked by multinational corporations and their armies of lobbyists. Dick Eiden is a truly independent alternative to the corrupt status quo in Washington, D.C. An attorney and community activist, he founded North County Forum and Sunset Poets.

Voting for Dick Eiden will send a strong message that we demand our democracy back from the military-industrial-financial-congressional complex with its two-party, pay-to-play system and its corporate media. We want big money out of politics; a single-payer, public health system; significant cuts in military spending; an end to subsidies and tax loopholes for the rich. Military cuts and tax equity would fund real jobs in education, building and repairing infrastructure, public safety, and developing renewable energy.

Dick Eiden opposes attacking Iran and getting involved in another tragic war. Dick supports full, unhindered health and reproductive rights for women; legalizing, taxing, and regulating marijuana; freedom of the internet; comprehensive immigration reform; and separation of church and state.

Our leaders have no plans for peace, no Department of Peace. Dick Eiden will insist that government begin planning for peace, prosperity and justice for all. End war, rebuild America!

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Vista , CA
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