PEORIA, IL: Barnstorming Event with Greg Coleridge

Friday, June 7, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Labor Temple
400 NE Jefferson St.
61603 Peoria , IL

How People Power Can Defeat Corporate Power!

The ever-increasing power and rights of corporations is creating ever-greater destruction to our lives, communities, the natural world, elections, and what remains of our democracy. Yet most corporate assaults are legal — protected by laws, regulations and especially constitutional “corporate personhood rights.”

We don’t have time to continue playing defense opposing one corporate assault at a time. Fundamental political, legal, social, economic and environmental crises require fundamental solutions. It’s time to go on the offense by changing the fundamental rules to legalize democracy for We the People.

Join Move to Amend’s Outreach Director Greg Coleridge for an inspiring call-to-action and strategy discussion on the nationwide movement to pass a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end corporate rule.

  • How did those who run corporations hijack the Constitution and Constitutional Amendments?
  • Why a constitutional amendment abolishing corporate personhood and money as speech must be part of our activist agenda?
  • How can residents in the Peoria area get started and join the national movement to affirm people’s rights over corporate rights?

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Free & open to the public. Move to Amend welcomes and depends on contributions in all forms to grow our movement. Join us!

Move to Amend is a coalition of over 460,000 people and hundreds of organizations committed to social and economic justice, ending corporate rule, and building a vibrant democracy that is genuinely accountable to the people, not corporate and big money interests.

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