SAN JOSE, CA: Movie Night - Corporate Coup D'Etat

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
San Jose Peace and Justice Center
48 S 7th St #101
95112 San Jose , CA

Join Move to Amend for an inspirational movie and conversation ....

This investigative documentary exposes how corporations and billionaires have taken control of the American political process, and in doing so have brought economic hardship and ruin to vast swaths of the country. The film combines insights from political thinkers and journalists with the experiences of citizens in the "sacrifice zones" of Camden, NJ and Youngstown, OH, where factory closures and outsourcing have created a grim landscape of desolation and human suffering.

Provocative and revealing, The Corporate Coup d'État shows how our democracy first began selling its soul to big corporations, which opened the door for lobbyists and business-friendly politicians to take control in Washington and undermine the will of the people. Featuring journalists Chris Hedges, Phillip Martin, Sarah Jaffe, Matt Taibbi and Lee Fang, and thinkers John Ralston Saul, Maude Barlow and Cornel West, The Corporate Coup d'État was made by the team behind All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception, and the Spirit of I.F. Stone.

UC Santa Cruz researcher Patrick McKercher will provide context for the film and moderate the discussion. Movie is free and wheelchair accessible.

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