HEAL has established itself as a leader in the struggle to make Utah's environment healthy and safe for all. We have grown from a small group of six people meeting around a table to the point that we now have thousands of supporters, hundreds of members, dozens of core volunteers, and five staff. Our successful campaign to get the importation of hotter radioactive wastes banned by a reluctant state legislature is proof that when citizens insist on open, inclusive, and accountable governance, they can be heard and heeded.

HEAL Utah is focused not only on educating citizens about the problems we face, but also on building their civic skills in order to solve these problems and prevent future ones from occurring. Special interests and the federal government will continue to target Utah as a dumping ground and pollute our environment until we collectively speak out for the protection of our health.

By teaching people how to participate in the democratic process, HEAL Utah is working to ensure fundamental changes occur in the way we make decisions; primarily that the public, not polluters, plays a meaningful role in determining whether our state will serve as an enabler for a toxic economy, or one that promotes a healthy environment in which to raise our families.

Salt Lake City , UT
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