Human Agenda

Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary in 2012, Human Agenda represents a humanist alternative. The mission of Human Agenda is to envision a world where the human needs of all can be met, engage the community in forging local institutions that are democratic, cooperative, egalitarian, inclusive, sustainable, and kind, and take individual responsibility to embody the change we’d like to see. We focus on vision, strategic initiatives,and sustainability.

After having identified our essential human needs, Human Agenda seeks a community where we are all involved in care work, productive activity with adequate compensation, life-long learning, participatory democracy, and free time. Our work on vision includes:
1. Bold Vision for Tough Times. This 15-minute Power Point presentation is available for showing and dialogue at your organization.
2. Emulation Tours. Human Agenda’s first trip to study best practices was to Cuba in 2012, & will be followed by tours to the Mondragon Cooperative in Spain, the Nordic nations (happiest on earth), and Bhutan (home of GNH).
3. Gross National Happiness (GNH). We work with Sustainable Seattle to gauge well-being in 9 critical domains of human life.
4. Carry the Vision. Human Agenda participates in the biannual Carry the Vision conference to be held at Santa Clara University on Sept. 29, 2012.

Strategic Initiatives
Human Agenda engages in strategic initiatives that simultaneously advance multiple interests for the common good, such as:
1. Ending Corporate Personhood. We play a pivotal role in launching and moderating Santa Clara County Move To Amend, serving as the fiscal agent. Taming corporations through a 28th Amendment will allow We The People to decide upon a more democratic and fair society.
2. Living Wage in San Jose. Human Agenda has helped frame, finance, and organize for a new living wage ordinance for the November 2012 San Jose ballot. Decent wages allow low income people to meet basic human needs.
3. Immigrant Rights. We work for comprehensive immigration reform to give 11 million people basic human rights. We convened a local campaign for Legalization for Central Americans with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and seek drivers licenses for all.
4. Peace. Human Agenda works to free the world’s largest military budget to meet to instead meet basic human needs. We serve on the board of the San Jose Peace & Justice Center, supporting peace, social justice, and non-violence.

To protect our planet and ourselves Human Agenda engages in:
1. Advocacy. Human Agenda advocates for sustainable food and water policies locally, in California, and nationally, such as those in the Farm Bill, to be reauthorized in 2012.
2. Conscious Living. Modeling conservation practices begins with how we grow our food and what food, water, and energy choices we make. Human Agenda works to improve our daily choices and practices.
3. Community Garden. Human Agenda maintains a community garden where new members are welcome to learn growing, composting, and other sustainable techniques to assure a vibrant and healthy life and planet. The harvest is shared among coop members and distributed to homeless shelters.

Core Signature Events
1. Living the Love Ethic. Inspired by the love ethic of Eric Fromm & bell hooks, every spring we challenge community member to love themselves and treat others with caring, commitment, trust, responsibility, respect, and knowledge.
2. Farmworker Reality Tour. First world poverty, inequality, and unemployment are unacceptable. Each July we visit a migrant farmworker labor camp in Watsonville to hear the testimonies of some of society’s most vulnerable workers.
3. Take Back Your Time Day. Without reduced work hours and sufficient time, key human needs cannot be met—period.
4. Hunger Banquet. Global hunger, poverty and inequality are the biggest challenge of our time. In support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights every December we eat the way the world’s people eat, learn about world poverty, and dialogue about solutions.
5. VisionQuest. Join us in late December each year to envision a better community and strategize for the upcoming year.

Get Involved
Human Agenda Action Groups meet monthly at the Human Agenda office to build economic, political, and social institutions that are more democratic, egalitarian, cooperative, inclusive, sustainable and kind. Please join us!
The Vision Action Group meets the 1st Saturday of every month at 9:00 a.m.
The Strategic Initiatives Action Group meets the 2nd Saturday of every month at 3:30 p.m.
The Sustainability Action Group meets the 3rd Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m.
The Communications Action Group meets the 4th Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

The Board of Directors of Human Agenda includes Elizabeth Sarmiento (Chair), Arianne Renee (President), Julie Solomon (Secretary), Sam Ho (Treasurer), Ana Maria Candela, Amanda Carpio, Julio Castillo, Rodrigo Dioso, Richard Hobbs, Cesar Juarez, Lori Lujan, Gil Villagran, and Karen Wald. We facilitate the above action groups and works on a consensus basis to achieve the vision of Human Agenda. Richard Hobbs is the Executive Director.

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