Move to Amend – Central Massachusetts

Date Established: 

June 2012

The local Move to Amend affiliate for Fitchburg and Central Massachusetts is looking for volunteers! We have members from Acton, Stow, Chelmsford, and the Greater Worcester and Fitchburg/Leominster areas.


Press Coverage

Non-binding questions on ballot

November 3, 2012

Unlike the three statewide ballot questions, which will change state law, the non-binding questions ask state legislators to support a resolution calling upon Congress to take specific actions.

Political activist David Cobb visits Natick to urge end to corporate constitutional rights

September 21, 2012

Democracy, political activist David Cobb said last night, means the rule of the people.

But, when he asked a room of about 30 people if they think the people are ruling in the country today, no one raised their hand.

"We are losing the ability as a people to actually claim that we are exercising real political power," said Cobb, a national spokesman for the coalition Move to Amend who spoke at the Senior Center Thursday at an event sponsored by several advocacy groups.