Media Action Center

Media Action Center empowers communities to ensure their local broadcasters meet their obligations to the public interest.

We agree that money does not equal free speech. We seek to ban all campaign ads on radio and TV (where most money goes during campaigns;) in the meantime, we organize local groups to demand full disclosure and fact checking of third party ads during campaigns.

We seek to reclaim the publicly owned airwaves from control of corporations which broadcast a one-sided pro-corporate view of the world, while not allowing real debate from real persons on the airwaves we all own.

We currently are challenging the radio licenses of Clear Channel's WISN and Journal Communications' WTMJ stations in Milwaukee for violating the First Amendment rights of the greater community. (MAC's studies proved that in the four week Scott Walker recall campaign, each of these stations gave about 80 daily minutes of free airtime to supporters of Gov. Walker to directly promote his candidacy, while disallowing any supporters of challenger Tom Barrett any airtime at all.

These actions not only violate FCC rules, but the violate the Supreme Court's rulings in Red Lion Broadcasting v FCC, which say 1) The First Amendment is relevant to public broadcasting, but it is the right of the viewing and listening public, and not the right of the broadcasters, which is paramount, and 2) The First Amendment does not protect private censorship by broadcasters who are licensed by the Government to use a scarce resource which is denied to others.

We are standing up to Big Media to reclaim all of our First Amendment rights on radio and TV.

El Dorado Hills , CA
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