Middle Class Clout

Middle Class Clout's goal is to help with the successful 2012 election of candidates who will represent the interests of average citizens. The 2012 elections will be one of the most important in US history. It will be the point at which either : #1) Average citizens recognize that many of the candidates who claim to be working for the good of the country- but are actually pawns of big corporations and big money- are identified and lose their elections. .. OR #2) With their billion dollar Super PAC funds big money manages to pull the wool over the eyes of average citizens and usher their hand-picked candidates into office.

The repeal of the Citizen's United Supreme Court decision is one of the 10 points we have identified as critical to the Middle Class. Some of the other 10 points in our United Front are ending corporate welfare, modifying the tax code to make sure the advantages given to investment income, stock options and other big money sources of income are taxed in the same way that payroll income is taxed, and strengthening the regulations on banks.

Middle Class Clout asks 2012 candidates to declare which of the 10 Middle Class United Front points they will publicly support. We will support candidates who will best represent the Middle Class in each
Federal election race.

Brooksville , FL
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