is a website dedicated to giving progressive groups the greatest impact on the streets from small numbers of activists. Here is a miniprotesting main sign inscription set that we've created for use by Move to Amend as they choose:

Corner #1: Don't Want America RUN BY AND FOR THE 1%? Move to Amend
Corner #2: Mad That Billionaire Koch Brothers Can Pledge $400 Million to Romney Campaign? Move to Amend
Corner #3: Join Move to Amend. Amend the Constitution so Money is No Longer Speech, Corporations Not Considered People

Miniprotests are made up of three small groups of four spread out over three consecutive street corners. Each group within this "protest string" has someone in its center holding a 30" x 40" main sign at waist level. The three folks around each central miniprotester hold traditional signs overhead that reflect the theme. That way the focus of motorists will be on the three main signs at eye level which make a running message like the old Burma Shave rural roadside ads.

Please visit to explore how this format might benefit your curbside messaging goals.

Cotati , CA
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