Occupy Naperville

Occupy Naperville is a grassroots, non-partisan movement with no single leader that began in 2011 to raise awareness of economic corruption and promote democracy for all.

Our goals are to overcome the concentration of wealth by the 1% and empower the 99%, to keep our environment safe and clean and to amend the Constitution to clearly state that human rights are for human beings and not for corporations.

We peacefully assemble every Saturday and stand in solidarity with Occupy groups across the globe. See our website for location. All voices are welcome, all voices are heard.

As Occupy Naperville begins its 4th year of Occupation in 2015, Wall Street is richer than ever and the 99% are stuck with the bill. Election spending just set an all-time record, corporate profits are higher than ever and Congress continues to reach new lows in approval.

We will continue to Educate, Agitate and Organize for social justice, a habitable environment and a democracy free from corporate influence for as long as it takes.

occupynaperville [at] gmail.com

Naperville , IL
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