Occupy Port Townsend

Occupy Port Townsend is a recently formed occupation, located in Port Townsend, WA. A Move to Amend Working Group was created within our nascent organization and we've taken on the objective of having the Port Townsend City Council and our Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners pass resolutions directing our elected State Legislators and our Federal Elected officials to act in accordance with the Move to Amend Constitutional Amendment.

As a courtesy, based on previous campaign experience, we have already introduced this objective to both the City and the County notifying them that we are in the process of demonstrating strong, grassroots constituent support for them to pass Move to Amend resolutions, in turn directing our State and Federal officials to make this a priority. Our intention is to have this before both Port Townsend and the County and passed by Tax Day 2012.

Our target is 2,000, county registered voter signatures. Jefferson County has slightly over 22,000 registered voters making 2,000 a significant portion. We are getting signatures from both sides of the aisle, further demonstrating this is a nonpartisan issue.

To accompish this, we are contacting all of local our social, professional, fraternal and small, non-profit organizations asking them to both sign our petitions to the City and County AND to list their own organizations as endorsers, here, on this issue. One of the local major party's has taken up the cause as well.


Port Townsend , WA
Supporting Endorsement