Move to Amend Toledo

Date Established: 

October 2011

The local Move to Amend affiliate for Toledo, Ohio.

Toledo Move to Amend volunteers collected over 11,000 signatures in support of a citizens’ ballot initiative and our efforts paid off with a ballot issue for Toledo voters to support a constitutional amendment establishing that:  corporations do not have the constitutional rights of natural persons, and money is not speech.

As a result of ISSUE #1 PASSAGE (with 64% of the vote) in 2016, the City of Toledo has joined dozens of other communities in creating an ordinance for an ANNUAL DEMOCRACY DAY to be held in March of each year until passage of a constitutional amendment!

As much as Move to Amend seeks to upend the illegitimate legal concepts of corporate constitutional rights and money as speech, we know that to win an amendment will require a broad, deep, multi-racial, multi-ethnic anti-oppression social movement that dismantles exploitation based on race, gender, class, age or sexual orientation and is driven and led by impacted communities and ordinary people who are organizing in our own communities.

Our ongoing MISSION is the advancement  grassroots movement democracy and, through such  grassroots action, both the realization of our constitutional amendment goal, which may lead to  truly transparent and robust systems of participatory democracy!

Local organizing meetings are generally held the 3rd Thursday of each month at the main (downtown) branch of the Toledo Public Library, 325 N. Michigan Street, 6:30 PM in the Kelley Room.

To confirm monthly meetings and/or volunteer for the local Move to Amend affiliate, contact djambardsweet [at]

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Toledo Move to Amend

4640 288th Street, Toledo, Ohio 43611

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For more information, contact:

Tony Szilagye
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March 13, 2019

Community members are looking forward with great anticipation to the 3rd annual “Democracy Day” scheduled for Wednesday March 13, 2019. This public forum was created through city ordinance as a result of citizen initiative and calls for an annual public hearing sponsored by the Mayor and City Council. As stated in TMC Chapter 111:

Press Coverage

Democracy Day gives citizens forum to air grievances, ask for change

March 6, 2018

Harold Mosley didn’t intend to step up to the podium in Toledo City Council chambers on Monday, but after listening to several citizens address their elected officials he decided to say a few words.
“This is not about them, this is about us. If you want change, vote,” he said, turning his back to the councilmen and facing the audience of about 40. “I assure you, if you vote, if you vote, you will send a message to not only politicians but corporations.”