Move to Amend Statement on Constitutional Amendment Introduced in Senate Today

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

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Washington, DC -- We applaud Senator Udall, and the national organizations who support this amendment for their intention to address big money, but we believe the Democracy for All Amendment falls short of what is necessary to solve the problem at hand.

Citizens United unleashed a flood of money into politics and further corrupted our electoral process, however the problem did not begin with that case, and simply overturning the Court’s decision in that case does not go far enough.

The issue that is more damaging to our democracy than even money in politics, is corporate rule. Right now large corporations are using our Constitution against us. Their ability to use the legal system to get democratically enacted laws overturned under the argument that environmental, labor, and community protections violates their constitutional rights -- that is the deeper hijacking of our democracy. 

The doctrine of corporate constitutional rights, concocted by a Supreme Court corrupted by the Railroad Barons over 100 years ago is what makes self-governance and meaningful regulation of corporations impossible in this country. Citizens United was a symptom of this Constitutional hijacking, and to start and end the solution with that case is a grave mistake.

The We the People Amendment, introduced in the US House of Representatives as HJR 48, is the only amendment proposal that addresses both fundamental doctrines that made Citizens United possible -- money as speech, and corporate constitutional rights -- and it is the amendment needed to put democracy in the hands of We the People, and protect our Constitution from the corruption of multi-billion dollar corporations that are currently beyond the control of all levels of government.

Move to Amend calls on the Senate to introduce the We the People Amendment through a companion resolution to HJR 48, and to stand up for the American people against multinational corporations whose quest for profit is undermining local democracy, corrupting our political process, steamrolling workers rights, and devastating our planet through pollution and climate destabilization. 

More info about the comparison between We the People Amendment v. Democracy for All Amendment:

Move to Amend is a non-partisan, national grassroots coalition of over 450,000 individuals and over 500 organizations working to pass the We the People Amendment to make clear that Constitutional rights belong to human beings and political spending is not protected speech under the First Amendment. The group has passed hundreds of citizens initiatives across the country calling for Congress to pass the amendment.