Reasonable Solutions OWS Philadelphia

Reasonable Solutions OWS Philadelphia is aims to provide a vehicle, that is accessible to all citizens of the United States of America, which allows them to acquire a greater understanding, and take a more effective role toward correcting the systemic problems that exist in American policies, American politics, and American commerce.

We Are The 99%: Reasonable Solutions was formed in October of 2011 in Philadelphia. It came together quickly once a few like-minded individuals met at Occupy Philly and decided that they prefer strategies and tactics which employ logic, reason, and common sense. We put this simple idea into practice right away. Soon after that, a few turned into several. Before long we were joined by over 500 supporters in Philadelphia. Similar groups have also sprouted up across the country in cities such as Oakland, and Seattle. Reasonable Solutions OWS Philadelphia is focused on reform, not revolution. We are, however, revolutionizing our actions through the use of technology. Our membership includes a diverse group of true 99-percenters who want to work within the system to catalyze serious change on local, national, and maybe even global platforms. We are new school activists that take pride in maintaining active roles in society and thinking of creative ways to raise awareness. Our first official initiative is to change US government policies of corporate personhood. We believe that these laws, along with the repeal of Glass-Steagall, have serious impacts on our financial system and allow for unfair practices in political campaign financing. While that is our current top priority, we also engage in local community projects. We are creating an extensive list of future initiatives as well. Get involved! Let us know what you think we should address.


Philadelphia , PA
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