Host a Stop on the Stampede to Amend Tour

From October 2-7 we will be doing a Shakedown Cruise in the Bay Area to test out the machine and make sure everything is working properly. Then the Stampede to Amend 2012 Tour is set to officially begin with a press conference in Los Angeles on October 11. 

From there, our organizers Ashley Sanders and Renae Widdison will drive the "Amend-O-Matic" across the US, stopping cities in the Northeast including Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Washington DC, head through Appalachia, travel through Eastern Texas, Louisiana and a few other stops in the South before heading to Florida to finish up the year with Move to Amend South! -- our grassroots regional convergence in Gainesville, Florida from December 14-16.

Click here to see the full list of cities and dates.

This first leg of the tour is basically a pilot project, and in November we will be deciding whether to continue on in 2013. If all goes well with this first tour we will be able to continue the project in 2013 and travel to more communities, including the West Coast, Midwest, more of Texas and New England. 

Host a Stop

There is high demand for the Amend-O-Matic but we can only travel to a limited number of towns for the 2012 tour - so if we're coming to your town, you're one of the lucky few!

Please help us maximize our visit!

What a Visit of the Amend-O-Matic Entails

Ashley and Renae will be driving the Amend-O-Matic to a new community each day, generally arriving around mid-day in order to spend some time in a public location (a community park, downtown, farmer's market, art walk, etc) operating the vehicle to stamp people's cash and spreading the word about the workshop that evening. They will also be available at this time for interviews with local media.

The evening workshop will start at 6:00pm and finish by 8:30pm. Ashley and Renae are experienced community organizers and trainers who will lead a workshop to help your community respond to the impacts of corporate rule and join the Move to Amend campaign (or strengthen the work you are already doing).

Host Team Responsibilities:

  • Helping identify a good spot for parking the vehicle to publicly stamp bills and attract attention before the workshop event
  • Securing the workshop venue (venue can be any place that can accommodate an audience. Podium or microphone are not needed, but a whiteboard and pens or a flip-chart and pens are)
  • Hosting our two organizers or securing host housing
  • Event publicity - local listserves, postering/flyering, announcements at local group meetings and events prior to the tour stop (we will do local media publicity)
  • Arranging for the setup at the event
  • Securing co-sponsorship from other community organizations (helpful but not required)
  • Hosting or securing meeting location for follow up meeting of interested attendees approximately two weeks after event (if you are in a town without a Move to Amend Affiliate group)

Note: There is no honorarium charge for our evening workshop or to bring the Stampede to Amend Tour to your community; we will need to pass the hat to pay for our travel and material expenses. It is appreciated when expenses for the venue are donated by the sponsoring organization or individuals, but we can subtract those expenses from the collection and reimburse you if needed.

We have materials to help you pull off a successful event, including:

If you are interested in organizing a Move to Amend event in your community, please contact us! Email stampede [at] with your city and state in the subject.

Tour Itinerary