Story of Solutions Advocates Changing Rules of the "Game" -- We Agree!

October 2, 2013

Annie Leonard’s groundbreaking video, The Story of Stuff, awakened millions of people to the repercussions of our consumer culture five years ago. Now she’s taking on an even bigger campaign—transforming our flawed system and calling for a new conversation about how we can create meaningful change. The Story of Solutions, the newest video from Leonard and her Story of Stuff project, encourages viewers to push for solutions that change the economy’s goal from “more” to “better.”

In the video, Leonard says: “Changing the goal of the entire economy is a huge task. Of course, we can’t do it all at once. But when we focus on game-changing solutions, we gradually make it possible for a new game to be played.”

At Move to Amend, we couldn't agree more. But it isn't just about changing the rules and goals of our economy -- it is about changing the rules of all our systems: the economy, our legal system, our political system.

There's nothing more fundamental than changing our foundational law: the Constitution. And the most fundamental aspect of that law is who has the rights of personhood and who gets to participate.

That's what Move to Amend is all about, making clear that only human beings have Constitutional rights, and that everyone should have equal influence on the political process, not just those with the most money.

Props to Annie Leonard and her team for provoking us all to make change at the systemic level and for encouraging everyone to hold proposed "solutions" to a test to see if they will actually change the rules, or just help reinforce this rigged and destructive system we've already got!

Check out her new Story of Solutions video here:

And check out Story of Stuff's video about Citizen's United v. FEC. We would love it if the video went further and made clear that the problem didn't begin with the Citizen's United, but it is a great beginning to the conversation about money in politics and corporate influence over our political system.