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I have written a draft of a constitutional amendment that I believe may be the only realistic solution to effectively reversing the damage done to the electoral process and the most effective approach to ensure that this country survives.

I would very much like to be put in contact with anyone who is in a position to represent your proposed amendment, and your theories on its effectiveness.

We are being systematically robbed. The electoral process, as well as the government itself serves is nothing more than a distraction. While we are effectively being divided and colluded into infighting over minutia, our government, our infrastructure, our livelihood and our security is being sold off to the highest bidder.

This corruption is so ingrained that nothing short of radical change will have any chance at overcoming the significant resistance that is sure to be unleashed against any proposal that seeks to cut off this new age organized crime’s access to our government. Wall Street, and those who are pulling the strings are the mob on steroids.

The media, for the most part seems oblivious or disinterested in focusing on the real issues. They have become an effective tool in directing our attention away from what is really happening.

I have no delusions, it took a long time for this country to sink into this hole, and it will take a lot longer for us to dig our way out.

It seems to me that the amendment you are proposing, while having merit, appears to fall short of having the teeth necessary to actually be effective. I believe we have passed the point where stopgap measures will have any effect.

I understand the challenges of gaining support for this kind of a movement. I understand that brought acceptance is necessary; I also understand that there are many challenges and considerations involved in gathering the needed support.

I do feel that an amendment which has actually been designed to radically alter the existing electoral process by not allowing any options for circumvention will have the best chance of gaining true grassroots support.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

I am very interested in playing a significant role in drafting and promoting any constitutional amendment that seeks to interrupt, dismantle, and totally eliminate future propagation of the corporate takeover of this country.


Frank J perruccio

Chantilly , VA
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