Corporate Hijacking of the U.S. Constitution

Many believe corporate hijacking of the constitution begins and ends with money in elections (i.e. First Amendment “free speech” rights permitting corporations to spend money to influence elections). But the threat to people, communities, the environment and democracy itself is much greater and includes additional parts of the First Amendment, as well as other amendments of our constitution.

The documents below present a more complete picture of how corporate constitutional rights harms you, your family, your community, your environment and your democracy.  Ending corporate constitutional rights is more than simply reversing the 2010 Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision and more than simply ending political money defined as First Amendment-protected "free speech."

The first document (4 pp) provides an overall summary of the problem of corporate constitutional rights. The remaining documents (all 2 pp) describing the "corporate hijacking" of individual constitutional amendments and Articles of the original U.S. Constitution. 

How Corporate Constitutional Rights Harm You, Your Family, Your Community, Your Environment, and Your Democracy

Corporate Hijacking of the 1st Amendment - [political “free speech”]

Corporate Hijacking of the 1st Amendment - [excluding political free speech]

Corporate Hijacking of the 4th Amendment

Corporate Hijacking of the 5th Amendment

Corporate Hijacking of the 14th Amendment

Corporate Hijacking of the Commerce Clause

Corporate Hijacking of the Contract Clause