Victory in California and Washington! Ohio and Wisconsin too!

November 10, 2016

We always knew that no matter what happened with the Presidential election, our fight would continue on. And we have big news in the movement to amend:


  • Washington’s I-735 passed with 64% support: 1,207,256 votes in support and 685,488 votes opposed.
  • California’s Prop 59 passed by a 52% margin: 4,285,594 votes in support and 3,906,086 votes opposed.

This is tangible evidence that Move to Amend has a winning strategy! Please contribute $28 for the 28th amendment now! 

We congratulate our Move to Amend affiliates and coaltion partners, in both states. Together, we produced magnificent wins in ballot struggles spanning two election cycles. Their dedication to the passage of the We the People Amendment has moved us all closer to the promise of American democracy. We are impressed and grateful!

We'll keep fighting to the very end, with your financial sipport. Please contribute $28 for the 28th amendment today

In both states, Move to Amend affiliates started out by passing resolutions and local ballot initiatives before meeting with statewide success. So it is with pride and joy in our hearts, we thank Ohio Move to Amend affiliate volunteers for their work:

  • Shaker Heights - passed with 81.7% of votes cast.
  • South Euclid - passed with 77.3% of votes cast.
  • Newark - lost with 45.5% of votes cast, but very close, and excellent work still accomplished!

In Wisconsin, volunteers passed measures in 18 communities, including many conservative towns. All referenda passed with overwhelming majorities: Rock County (86%), Reedsburg (86%), Manitowoc (81%), Delafield (79%), Neshkoro (88%), New Glarus (88%), Spring Valley (91%), Osceola (86%), Mt. Horeb (84%), Monticello (86%), Clayton (86%) and the towns of New Glarus (83%), Harris (65%), Springdale (86%), Decatur (89%), Mount Pleasant (84%), Cadiz (87%) and Lake Tomahawk (91%).

Local wins now mean statewide wins later. Please contribute $28 for the 28th amendment today, and ensure we have more wins in the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. 

This election has been the most costly since our nation's founding. It was also an election that demonstrated large amounts of money can be raised directly from We the People without corporate funding -- if the message hits the right notes. Move to Amend's message is certainly in tune with Americans -- across the political spectrum.

Our chorus is growing stronger and louder every election. Move to Amend has demonstrated time and again that the voting public is capable of understanding the threat corporate constitutional rights are to We the People. Americans overwhelmingly vote in support of the We the People Amendment -- in both red and blue districts!

Join our chorus! No amount is too small or large. Please make a contribution today

Laura Bonham, David Cobb, George Friday, Daniel Lee, Jerome Scott and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap
Move to Amend National Leadership Team

P.S. Tune into Move to Amend Reports LIVE tonight, November 9, at 7pm Pacific / 10 pm Eastern for Move to Amend's post-election analysis. We'll be live with special guests Lee Camp and Eleanor Goldfield in Washington DC to discuss the election. Join us!