Voter Guide: Candidate Responses to the Pledge to Amend

September 24, 2018

November 4, 2018 Update:  Here is the latest list of those in support of our proposed amendment.

Vote for candidates who are in support of this amendment.
Early voting has started and the Minnesota Move to Amend State Network is pleased to announce the full list of candidates who have demonstrated support by cosponsoring the We the People bill in the past and/or completing the Pledge to Amend questionnaire with “YES” responses.
1.      Do you support amending the U.S. Constitution to make clear that corporations and other artificial entities do not have Constitutional rights and that money is not speech and campaign spending should be limited through regulation?
2.      Will you use your office to support the Movement to Amend the Constitution by passing resolutions, proposing legislation, and publicly speaking out about the need for this Amendment?

* Completed the questionnaire
** Cosponsored a Minnesota We the People bill or the bill in Congress
*** Completed both the questionnaire and cosponsored a We the People bill.

Minnesota State Governor - Tim Walz**
Minnesota State Governor - Chris Wright*
Minnesota Attorney General - Keith Ellison***
Minnesota Attorney General - Noah M. Johnson*

Minnesota US Senate – Paula Overby*

Minnesota US House of Representatives, CD2 – Angie Craig*
Minnesota US House of Representatives, CD3 – Dean Phillips*
Minnesota US House of Representatives, CD4 - Betty McCollum**
Minnesota US House of Representatives, CD8 – Joe Radinovich*
Minnesota US House of Representatives, CD8 – Ray “Skip” Sandman*

Minnesota State Senate, District 13 – Joe Perske*

Minnesota State House of Representatives -
02A  Michael Northbird*
03A  Rob Ecklund**
05A  John Persell***
05B  Pat Medure*
07A  Jennifer Schultz***
07B  Liz Olson***
08B  Gail Kulp*
09A  Alex Hering*
10A  Dale Menk*
11A  Mike Sundin**
11B  Tim Burkhardt*
13B  Heidi Everett*
14A  Aric Putnam*
15A  Emy Minzel*
15B  Karla Scapanski*
15B Myron Arthur Wilson*
18A  Justin Vold*
19B  Jack Considine*
21A  Lori Ann Clark*
25B  Duane Sauke**
26A  Tina Liebling***
28B  Thomas Trehus*
29B  Sharon McGinty*
34A  Dan Solon*
35A Bill Vikander*
35B  Kathryn Eckhardt*
38A  Kevin Fogarty*
39A  Ann Mozey*
40A  Mike Nelson**
41A  Connie Bernardy**
41B  Mary Kunesh-Podein*
42A  Kelly Moller*
42B  Jamie Becker-Finn*
43A  Peter Fischer**
43B Leon Lillie**
44A  Ginny Klevorn*
45A  Lyndon Carlson*
45B Mike Freiberg**
46A Ryan Winkler**
47A  Madalynn Gerold*
49B  Steve Elkins*
50B  Andrew Carlson***
51B  Laurie Halvorson**
52A  Rick Hansen**
56B  Alice Mann*
57B  John Huot*
58B  Marla Vagts*
59B  Raymond Dehn***
61A  Frank Hornstein***
61B  Jamie Long*
63A  Jim Davnie**
63B  Jean Wagenius*
64B  Dave Pinto***
65A  Rena Moran*
65B  Carlos Mariani**
66A  Alice Hausman*
66B  John Lesch*
Responded with a NO to both questions
18A Jill Galvan*
62A  Bruce Lundeen*



Has YOUR CANDIDATE Pledged to Amend?

Minnesota Move to Amend State Network volunteers have been busy this summer promoting our twin goals of a U. S. Constitutional amendment and an educated citizenry that can help build a truly representative democracy. Our Pledge to Amend campaign is in full swing and already producing results.  See the attached document for those who have responded.

Minnesota Move to Amend State Network gave every candidate running for a Minnesota State House seat, those running for the two U.S. Senate seats, and those aspiring for a state executive office, an opportunity to Pledge to Amend.  A Pledge to Amend is a candidate or elected official's promise to use their office to work against the distortion of our politics and governance by money and corporate power wherever he or she can.

NOTE:  There are some NO responses.

You can help by asking the candidates in your area to respond to the questionnaire at this link.