'We the People Amendment' introduced in House

February 15, 2013
Daily Jefferson County Union Staff

"Corporations and unions are legal entities that arguably help the economy, but that does not mean they are, in fact, people deserving of Constitutional personhood rights. We the People, actual human beings, will benefit when we clearly establish through a Constitutional Amendment that legal entities such as corporations, unions and, for that matter, the government, are meant to serve us, not the other way around."

Both Fary and Hartwick and other participants in the Move to Amend Rock River Affiliate hopes that residents of Fort Atkinson and Whitewater will join the list of 500 comminutes who have supported the effort.

"We urge citizens in Whitewater and Fort Atkinson to vote 'yes' on the April 2 election ballot in support of the non-binding local ballot resolution directing Congress to support a constitutional amendment indicating that only human beings are endowed with constitutional personhood rights, and that money is not speech and therefore political contributions and spending can be regulated," Hartwick said."

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